iPhone 5S Charger

If you've gone and bought yourself the new Apple iPhone 5S, there is a high probability that you will be looking for the right accessories to go with your new purchase. This is understandable as a smart phone by itself just doesn't offer the same level of functionality as it can when combined with some of its accessories. But if you ask anyone who has been using an iPhone for a while, the first thing you will learn about Apple is that the market is flooded with accessories for their devices and while not all of them are manufactured by Apple, you will have a tough time deciding which ones to buy and which ones to skip. That being said, I have put together this list of some must have iPhone 5S accessories. There is no point owning an iPhone 5S if you don't own these accessories:-



1. Cases 


Even though the iPhone 5S might be a great smart phone, it needs to be handled carefully and can't withstand rough use. That's why it's important that you get a case for your iPhone. This case will not only protect your device in case it falls but will also help keep it clean. And with the large number of trendy cases available today, you will surely be able to find a case with a theme that suits your personality.


2. Screen cover


Now that you have protected the body of your device, the next thing you need to look out for is the touch screen. Screen covers are just small pieces of plastic which can be placed on your screen to protect it from scratches or finger prints. This way, you don't have to replace your entire screen because of a few scratches. All you do is replace the screen cover which is a million times cheaper than replacing the screen.


3. Bluetooth headset


If you spend a lot of time talking on the phone, your hand might get tired of holding the phone to your ear for such long periods. This is where Bluetooth headsets come in. These handy little devices can be connected with your iPhone 5S through Bluetooth and are small enough to fit in your ear and stay in place without any support whatsoever. You can have entire conversations on the phone and have two free hands at the same time. That is quite convenient isn't it?


4. Car charger


If you spend most of your day in your car then you absolutely must get yourself a car iPhone 5S charger as well. The iPhone 5S doesn't have a very long battery life and if you're not careful, you might run out of battery before the day is over. Having a car charger gives you the ability to ensure you can use your device as it was meant to be without worrying about it running out of battery. Isn’t that awesome?